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2019 Bills to watch at the Gold Dome

The Georgia legislative season is on a roll, and we’ve already passed the half way point. We’re so pleased to share some bills recently introduced that would advance reproductive freedom and gender equity in Georgia:  

  1. HB 8, sponsored by Reps. Buckner, Trammell, Stephens and others, would remove taxes on menstrual products 

  2. HB 133, sponsored by Reps. Dreyer, Cannon, Clark, Kausche and others, would allow the State Board of Education to provide medically accurate course of study when it comes to sex ed and HIV/Aids prevent

  3. HB 188, sponsored by Rep. Shannon and others, would end state funding to fake clinics (aka, crises pregnancy centers) that mislead women about their healthcare options and shame them

  4. Legislators are also working on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment in Georgia, which would state no person’s rights should be denied on the basis of sex. Only one more state is needed for it to be added to the Constitution

Tell your representative and senator that these bills are important to you and would help protect the equal rights of women and girls in Georgia. Remember, our session only lasts for about 3 months and will commence March 28, so time is running out!